Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Smoke-free Smyrna?

The Smyrna town council may soon consider an ordinance to require all restaurants to have a non-smoking section, according to this morning's Daily News Journal.

There are two restarants in the area that do not have a no-smoking section--Toots and the Catfish House.

Smoking bans are all the rage right now in other cities and states. For example, Washington D.C. enacted a ban on smoking at all resturants and bars that went into effect yesterday. There's even a smoking fan going into effect in Nevada that could include casinos. These are just two of the area in the United States who have enacted a ban in the recent months and many more are debating the merits of such a plan.

Personally, I think there should be a no-smoking section in all resturarants. I'm not sure about an entire ban on smoking in every restarurant and establishment in Smyrna, though that is a step the town council could take if they wanted.

What do you think about the proposed smoking ban?

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