Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New business in Smyrna

The Tennessee state government has announced plans for a new multi-million dollar computer complex in Smyrna.
Tennessee state government’s computer operations are located in a building with a sinking foundation that was built on a flood plain and should be replaced with two separate facilities, state officials say.

Parts of the state’s 20-year-old Data Center near the Capitol are shifting and cracking and the center requires constant monitoring. Some areas are too unstable for storing heavy computer equipment.

State officials said they intend to spend up to $68 million to plan, design and construct two data centers about 25 miles apart in northern Nashville and nearby Smyrna. The replacements would be ready by 2010.
Smyrna is mainly a commuter town for Nashville no matter how you look at it. While there has been a lot of growth in Smyrna, it has mainly been in the service area and not the production area. I hope this is the beginning of a trend for more production and light industry moving in.

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