Friday, August 10, 2007

Tennessee pork

Yes pork. I wish I were talking about the pork you cover in a nice sauce and lay between two kaiser rolls with pickle slices on the side. No. I'm talking about the pork from Washington that comes out of your pocket, and paycheck in so many ways.

Our representatives in Tennessee score good, and very very bad when it comes to anti-pork votes. This chart from Taxing Tennessee, a local tax issue blog, shows how our representatives voted. The higher the number, the better their anti-pork votes.

Cooper (D-TN-5)

98% 49 / 50

Blackburn (R-TN-7)

94% 46 / 49

Davis, David (R-TN-1)

91% 43 / 47

Duncan (R-TN-2)

88% 44 / 50

Wamp (R-TN-3)

12% 6 / 50

Davis, L. (D-TN-4)

4% 2 / 50

Gordon (D-TN-6)

4% 2 / 50

Cohen (D-TN-9)

2% 1 / 50

Tanner (D-TN-8)

2% 1 / 50

Sadly our own Bart Gordon did not score very well at all.

These numbers were gathered from the Club for Growth annual report card on pork. If Bart Gordon is your representative, I'm sorry. If your representative is Cooper, then drop him a line and say thanks.

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