Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Numbers keep Rising

Wow Smyrna, La Vergne, Murfreesboro! You Guys have really stepped up to the plate. I am so overwealmed with all the donations that everyone has given us for the " Bowling for Brandon" Fundraiser. I now 12 more items donated plus 3 more on the way. Our total number so far is 39 items and counting. The bidding at the Smyrna Bowling Center is really heating up now with many placing bids and wanting to win items. The most talked about items so far is Brandon's bowling ball and the time share for Pigeon Forge.

I also have a very special guest going to come and maybe she will be bringing another specail guest with her. I can't yet say who this is but can give you all hints. She teaches in a school in the area. She also has another job wearing a nice short skirt with the colors of blue and white and can be seen on Sunday's Downtown at the riverfront with 65,000 fans watching her. Can you guess who this might be? I will know more about her appearance next week and will be letting everyone know more details as well.

Here is a list of newly donated items from the area for the silent auction and if you want to see the other items please go HERE for more info.

1. One tube of Wild Yam Cream $25.00

2. Stork Delivery Transport Bag Set $20.00

3. Hand Drawn Animal Print $40.00

4. Kroger gift card Memorial Blvd $10.00

5. One free Lunch Cozumel Murfreesboro Church St.

6. 2 large one topping Pizza's Pap Johns

7. 3 Large Pepperoni Pizza's Little Ceasar's Murfreesboro $30.00

8. 5 free Movie Rentals From Blockbuster On Church St. $20.00

9. Assorted Piture frames collection

10. Movie Bag with Popcorn and movie rental Blockbuster $10.00

11. Candles

12. Cuisinart Little Pro Food Processor $80.00

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