Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top Ten people.

The US News and World Report has released the top ten places for retiring, and Smyrna made the cut.

They have some nice things to say about our town.
Just 30 miles from the lights, sights, and especially the sounds of "Music City," Nashville, you'll find yourself immersed in the peaceful glow of gold-tipped fields of corn and trees that autumn tinges with red, orange, and yellow in Smyrna, Tenn.
The town of Smyrna was named after a now demolished Presbyterian church on a piece of land that later became Sewart Air Force Base and is now Smyrna Airport. An abundance of newer churches sprinkled about town have replaced the original, and church activities govern the social lives of many Smyrna families. "The church does a lot of plays, and we're going to have a Christmas craft show in November," says Diane Henderson, 60, who also teaches a craft class and volunteers at the senior center. But should you long for a faster pace of life, Middle Tennessee State University is in nearby Murfreesboro, and the Nashville airport is a 25-minute drive away.

History buffs can relive the story of 21-year-old Sam Davis, who, when captured by Union soldiers during the Civil War, chose to give his life rather than give up information that might compromise the Confederate war effort. His childhood home and 200-acre estate on the banks of Stewart's Creek are now a historic landmark and museum about his life and the war. Today it's just a short drive from a vast manufacturing plant for Japanese automaker Nissan, Smyrna's largest employer.
I'm proud of our town and I am so glad we can get this positive viewpoint out about it.

Great place to live in and it seems a great place to retire to.

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