Friday, October 5, 2007

A not so final total of money raised.

I have collected almost all of the silent auction money and I am now over at the Brewers to give them the money that we have raised for them through the fundraiser at the Smyrna bowling center. I have a few items left to collect over the weekend but right now our total so far is $3553.00 plus about $300.00 more on the uncollected items. I want to thank everyone that has put in so much of their time and effort to help raise money for this family. We will be taking some pics in the next coming days to place online to show everyone! We are going to go ahead and plan a roadblock for the next few months plus I am going to get with the volunteers and work up a fundraiser for February at the Wildhourse Saloon.

Update on Brandon's condition is fair and when I am over at the families home he seems to be in OK spirits. He really enjoys playing video games online while his Xbox is being repaired. The family and I have become very close and I feel like I have known them forever. His mother hardly ever gets to do anything for herself for all her time is for her son Brandon. She spends most of her waking day taking care of all medicines or running to pick up Rx. She has asked me to go to an awards dinner for doctors from all over the United States at the Opryland Hotel on Wednesday this coming up week and I have accepted to go and we are going to be presenters so this will be a fun evening out. I am working on getting my Sunday dress ready for I don't even own a suit or tie.

I have realized during all this fundraiser activities that life is so sweet and dear, and we all take life for granted. If anyone still wants to donate please call Brande Brewer at 459-7449.

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