Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Get ready to be counted for a new local census will be happening soon. In an effort to make sure that the town gets the proper ammount of state matching funds a new census is planned for this year.
In a sluggish budget year, local governments in rapidly-growing areas can do one thing to bring more revenue into city coffers: hold a special census.

It's the smart thing to do to ensure they get their fair share of state tax revenue to provide services to the public, especially when they have to make a minor investment to bring in more money.
Smyrna, which had 25,569 people in 2000 and saw its head count increase to 33,123 in 2005, is projecting a new population of 38,000 that could generate an extra $541,000.
In addition to the census the town police have purchased new software for their dispatch and for tracking crimes in Smyrna.
The Town of Smyrna, Tennessee—purchased four (4) seats of LGdispatch Community Connect and seven (7) seats of LGcrimes
Looks like things are busy at town hall.

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