Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Local blogs

There are some local blogs and family websites that may be new to you that have been added to the sidebar.

Smyrna Tennessee History and stuff is a self titled history blog run by Lori Sellers.

Shayne and Michelle's life is a family website by a local resident.

The Cutting Edge is a local political blog run by Serr8d.

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Serr8d said...

Thanks for the link, Gunner. I've reciprocated.

I like to think that my little corner of the intrawebs is not all political; but that seems to be about 80% of my focus right now.

I may have been the only local blogger/photographer to cover the Smyrna Memorial service last April for SPC Raymond N (Neal) Mitchell III. Even the local TV stations avoided that; it was a very cold day.