Friday, March 28, 2008

Paid off

News that the debt owed by the Sam davis house is being paid off by the Christy Houston Foundation is great news for Smyrna and the surrounding area. The regular BBQ festival is a big draw to our city and growing every year.
Word that the Christy-Houston Foundation has agreed to pay off the debt on the Sam Davis Home’s museum and visitor’s center is the best news Katherine Walkup has heard in a while.

“That doesn’t happen very often. My feet still haven’t touched the ground,” said Walkup, who has volunteered at the historic site for several decades.
Representatives of the foundation will present a check in the amount of $212,511 to Sam Davis Home board members April 10.

“Hopefully, that night we’ll have our note for our board to burn. I wrote the grant in September for $240,000 and since then, we’ve managed to pay down $27,000,” she said.
Just one question. who the heck, or what the heck, is Christy Houston? I googled the name and found that the foundation seems to be two people in Murfreesboro.
Company Profile: Christy Houston Foundation Inc
Year Started:1986
State of Incorporation:TN
Location Type:Single Location
Stock Symbol:N/A
Stock Exchange:N/A
Also Does Business As:N/A
SIC #Code:8399
Est. Annual Sales:$89,000
Est. Employees:2
Est. Employees at Location:2
Contact Name:Robert B Mufflin
Contact Title:Executive Director
No webpage, but an annual sale of $89,000 and still I'm no closer to knowing what they are. I just know they sure are busy handing out checks.


Lori said...

The Christy-Houston foundation was formed in the 1980's after the sale of the Rutherford Hospital. (I think they sold to HCA....) The proceeds from that sale were used to establish the foundation. They contribute to organizations that improve the quality of life in the community or something like that.

Gunner said...

Cool. I could not find out who formed them online and they do seem to be Rutherford county specific.