Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I scream for Ice cream

Loosen that belt buckle and prepare to enjoy the sweet taste of Ice Cream at a low low price due to Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent ice cream special.
31 cents scoop night
Wednesday April 30th
5pm to 10pm

Join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins® and help us honor America’s firefighters. Participating stores will reduce prices of small ice
cream scoops to 31 cents.* At some locations, you may also have an opportunity to make a donation to your local fire charities.
You may ask what the asterisk implies. Seems there is a bit of a limit.
* 2.5oz scoops are 31 cents plus tax where applicable. Limit 10 scoops per person, per purchase.
Only ten? Ten small scoops will only wet my whistle. Anyone have a kid I can borrow for a few hours tonight?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Workshop agenda

Here is the town workshop agenda for tomorrow night. To my delight they do have as item 17 a "Discussion relative to Smyrna Municipal code 10-101 and 10-102 regarding animals running at large and ordinances restricting certain animals from being kept near a business or residence." Hopefully they will add it to the agenda for next month's town meeting.

Here is a view of the workshops agenda for those interested.

Read this doc on Scribd: Town Workshop -April

I might just show up with a "Free the Chickens" sign for fun.

Summertime special....

Hello once again everyone! I haven't been posting much because I have been working so much at the Smyrna Bowling Center. I do have a great deal for all of you, that will also help out your youngsters school library. Starting in May, every time school is out we will welcome you to the bowling center for a special. Come in Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and donate $1.00 to your school library and your child gets to bowl one game with shoes for free. This is such a great deal as it helps your child's school library plus allows your child to participate in a sport that the whole family can do! This special will continue until further notice which could last until the end of the year! So when your child has a day out or a week or even the summer out of school come and use this special and help those school's libraries.

Here is part II of a guest column on last weeks historic district meeting from an anonymous submitter. They are very unimpressed with how the process is being carried out.
Another woman hoped to change her signage... and was deferred for another 45 days.

After the commercial district was dealt with, the crowd knew what they had to look forward to, should their homes become part of a town-decreed "historic district." The contempt for the petty bureaucrats in the room had become palpable.

Most attendees were there because they were part of the proposed expansion. They learned that their homes would soon be subject to the tyranny witnessed in the first half of the proceedings - and they wanted none of it.

One after another, people stood and protested the draconian regulations. Would you like to put a grille over your air conditioner? Under the new rules, you'd need approval - even if your house, like mine, was built in the 1950's or later!

In fact, all changes to the exterior would need approval.

One man in the audience yelled "Just leave us alone!" That sentiment seemed strong... yet there were still some calls for tighter zoning to keep run-down rentals and gravel drives out of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that kept the town's foot in the door. They voted to defer the historic district idea in its current incarnation, but to start a citizen-led committee instead that would work with the town to define new rules.

Whatever happened to the "land of the free?" Rules rules rules!

One woman made the point well. "These are our houses that we paid for and no one should tell us what we should do with our own property!"

Amen to that. And praise to all those who keep up their houses nicely without the oversight of layers of worthless meddlers

When your choices about the land you own are under the direct control of a small group of leaders... are you really free? Or are you a serf.

The serfs fought back today, but we'll see what happens as this process drags out.
I get a feeling this is just a taste of the new "community standards" mentioned in the comprehensive plan that will be forced upon us to make our town bright and glorious....and a bit sad.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

In Smyrna this week the town only has one planned meeting.
Next Town Council Workshop is: April 29, 2008 - 7:00 PM
They don't have the agenda online yet, but I hope they discuss the issue of my "Good Neighbor Fowl System". I may attempt to dazzle them with another of my handouts. If you don't mind would you take a moment and write them in support of this proposal of mine. here is a link to the town council where all their email addresses are, and the town hall contact numbers. Let them know you want the chance to be a good neighbor.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Goodbye Chicken Shack

Today is the last day for you to go and get some of the best and hottest chicken in Smyrna. The Chicken shack is closing today and Smyrna will lose a quality establishment.

Harelipfrog and I dropped by and had plates of chicken, hush puppies, fries, and baked beans. One of the items that stand out when you get your food is how hot it all is. Food cooked right then while you wait. Quality places like this are rare in this industrial food landscape that Smyrna has become.

So if you have a bit of time today hurry over there and fill up on real food. The Chicken Shack is at 37 S. Lowry St next to the dry cleaners.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New shop in town

Smyrna will soon have a new donut do-nut doughnutz round tasty circles shop in town.
The calorie count is about to go up in Smyrna.

Diane Fischer and Lamthoun "Pat" Pathana are opening Rolling Dough Donuts, Coffee and Deli May 5 in the new Almaville Plaza on Almaville Road.

Fischer said the shop will feature 40 varieties of doughnuts, which will be freshly baked every day. Boyds coffee will also be served.
Well I sure wish any new business a lot of good luck. I'll be dropping by to check them out.

This will be a rather interesting shop as they will sell more then just pastries.
Rolling Dough will feature a bit of an Asian flair as egg rolls and fried rice will also be on the menu. Pathana is Asian.
This sounds like an interesting place.

Guest column

Here is part I of a guest column on the historic district meeting from an anonymous submitter.

Report from the Front
by Patrick Henry II

Having just attended the first planning meeting on the proposed new historic district, one thing struck me above all others - private property appears to be almost extinct. And with it, a large chunk of the freedom we inherited from our ancestors.

The meeting today began with a look at some proposed changes business owners hoped to make on their properties in the "Historic Front Street" district. One fellow hoped to install a new window in his gas station so the cashier could see the pumps from his/her post. He was interrogated about this and some other minor changes he hoped to make. And mind you - this building was NOT historic. If I remember correctly, it was built in 1972.

But our wise and benevolent overseers want to make sure that businesses stick to the 'historic' look of their properties. So.. since it's from the 70's, does that mean it should be wood paneled and decorated in burnt and avocado?

Eventually, they recommended he find a way to move his cash register station. And that he make a brick enclosure around his dumpster.

He got off easy.

The next fellow, hoping to change the front door and windows of the building he was using for a consignment store, was hoping the town would slip him through approvals so he could buy the property and make the changes needed to improve his business. As it is, he stated he was losing money since he can't improve the space and the double doors he'd like to change are currently inoperable.

No luck.

Even though he brought in pictures and made his case, it wasn't good enough. They told him to get an architectural drawing showing precisely what he wanted to do with the doors - on his 1970's building, no less! - before they'd hear his case again. He protested that it was expensive to do so and that he was trying to keep his place afloat.

But he was dismissed by the committee head who told him something along the lines of, "You're an investor, spend the money."
I was worried that this district would end up the noose it seems to be on the verge of becoming when I first heard about it. Sadly districts like this take rights away to keep the 'look' of an area, and we know image is important in the new Smyrna that will be created through the new standards from the comprehensive plan.

Part II soon.

Today in Smyrna

The Smyrna Public library has a guest speaker for today you just might be interested in speaking to.
Lisa Patton, Channel 2 News weather anchor will speak about weather to homeschoolers: 1:30 p.m., Smyrna Public Library, 400 Enon Springs Road W., Smyrna. Free and open to the public. 615-459-4884 or

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Smyrna High football coach.

WGNS is reporting that a new football coach has been hired by the Smyrna High School
"Former Smyrna assistant Matt Williams has been hired to lead the Bulldogs. Principal Robert Raikes made the announcement Wednesday. Williams leaves his current position as defensive coordinator at Blackman, where he coached with his brother, Mark…who is the offensive coordinator."
I hope he has as much luck and skill as our last coach and can bring us a third championship.

Smyrna Commons is not dead

I decided to make a few calls and do actual research for a story. All because of the over riding question of what the heck has happened to Smyrna Commons, and should we start using the phrase "Lake Smyrna" for what seems the only thing there now. Maybe one day we can have shallow water fishing contests with bass boats and a regatta to end the weekend.

What I found out is that it seems Smyrna Commons the shopping mall(technically The Shoppes at Smyrna Commons) is just 31 acres of the whole 80 plus acre area. This will be the "principle retail component" of the whole 'Smyrna Commons'. Smyrna Commons as this image from their website shows is just part of the whole.

Other sections such as a 1 plus acres contracted by Cherry and Associates will be a strip mall set near to Wal-Mart and there is also a contract already with a Taco Bell for another of the sites.

Norman Krone of Ballast Point Group in Florida who is the one doing "The Shoppes at Smyrna Commons" was here just 2 1/2 weeks ago meeting with Major Spivey about the future of project. He said the plans as they currently stand are for a fall opening in 2009 if all goes well.

Thus Smyrna Commons is not dead or even on life support. There are plans being made for the major component, strip malls, and food joints. All is well even if it does look like a future federally protected wetland.

Monday, April 21, 2008

This week in smyrna

The town has only one scheduled meeting this week open to the public
The Town of Smyrna Historic Zoning Commission will meet on Thursday, April 24, 2008, at 3:30 p.m., Smyrna Town Hall, 315 South Lowry Street. The purpose of the meeting is to consider proposed changes to signage for multi-tenant commercial uses and expansion of the Historic District.
A few months ago they brought up the issue in one meeting of multiple signs on historic buildings when several businesses are in them. Currently the town ordinance limit them if I am correct. Not sure where the expansion is. Wish these meeting were televised like many of the others.

Smyrna Online Polls run by Mike Sparks has a good question up. What is your view of the economy? My view is less then thrilled.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Smyrna Commons

The big question is what has happened to the Smyrna Commons. The big empty field across from Nissan. Seems it has had no real activity for a long time, time that Sam Ridley has had several additions, and the new Publix complex has had a lot done.

Well good news people. I saw a lot of movement there today and thought to share it with you with pictures.

Seems the only movement there are the mallards swimming gently in the new shallow "Lake Smyrna". Soon to be a major waterfowl resting area. I wonder if I could get it classified as federally protected wetlands?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 Smyrna Special Census

At the last town meeting Town Manager Mark O'Neal made the request to everyone to remember to fill out their census forms. For our house I have to admit that none has been delivered here, but my wife filled one out that the Smyrna Library had.

For those who wish to fill one out there is an online form.
We thank you for you time and effort in submitting the census information below. This special census will help us continue to keep property taxes low and allow the Town of Smyrna to maintain the highest level and quality of services residents and visitors come to expect
Sounds like a good reason to fill it out. Take a moment and fill it out..only once because the state will randomly check to see that the numbers are not padded.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A new service

Smyrna Tennessee seems to be expanding the services it offers to our local residents. One is email alerts for traffic conditions. I'm not sure how long they have done this as I just noticed it on their front page. Give it a twirl and tell us if it works for you.
Would you like to receive Smyrna road condition updates in your email? Just fill in your name and email address below and hit the [Submit] button to be added to the email list.
Direct link.

This Week in Smyrna

The town will be having the following meeting for those interested.
Parks Advisory Board: April 15, 2008 - 6:00 PM
That's it for this week. A board of Zoning appeals meeting was cancelled as no appeals were filed.

40,000 plus

The first full day of the Great Tennessee air Show is over and the claim of 40,000 people viewing it has been made. Where were all of these people? Seemingly on the road at one point.

Well let's start at the Sam Ridlet/Lowry Overpass.

Then work our way to the basketball courts and park entrance

Then around the curve past the golf course.

Down to the Airport main entrance.

Where we find two of Smyrna's finest attempting to create order out of chaos

Travel was not fun in some areas of Smyrna yesterday.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smyrna Air Show 1999

This video of a monster truck jump in 1999 occurred at the Smyrna air show in 1999.

Crossposted at This is Smyrna TV.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pull up a chair and stay awhile

Traffic to our website has almost tripled in the last week due to the Smyrna airshow this coming weekend. a lot of new people are visiting our site and I would like to extend a big 'Hello' and an offer to stay a while..or at least return in the future.

This is Smyrna, TN. is a website that deals with news, sports, politics, social issues, and sometimes even the weather. I hope you like our site and return to see what is happening in our humble town.

Chicken or egg situation

Is it the coach that makes a winning team or the team that is on the field, or maybe a combination of both? Smyrna will find out as the head football coach of Smyrna High School has resigned.
Smyrna’s Philip Shadowens has resigned his position as head football coach.

Shadowens cited the need to spend more spend more time with his family as the reasons to step down.

“My family and I prayed about it,” Shadowens said. “It was God leading me to this decision. It was time for me to do something else.”
I wish him luck on where ever he goes, and I hope the team can keep bringing home the championship.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Town Council meeting address.

I addressed the town council tonight on the issue of allowing people the ability to raise fowl in residential areas. Before I addressed them I gave them a handout that had three sections.

Section 1 had a list of other large cities that allow fowl to be raised and what limits they had.
Section 2 was the copy of the fowl ordinance used by Minneapolis Minnesota and how I feel it is a good example of a "good neighbor law"
Section 3 addressed briefly a few concerns they might raise with the idea of fowl inside of the town limits.

Embedded below is a copy of the handout given to them.

Read this doc on Scribd: A proposal for Fowls in Smyrna

The top part of this document has a full screen button for easier reading.

Addresing the town council tonight

I'm doing two jobs tonight. One is an address to the town council on a small issue that I would like to bring to their attention, and the other is a speech class project. Since both can be done together I would like to invite you to watch the town council meeting tonight at 7pm.

Channel 3 is the local cable channel for the town of Smyrna, but for those who do not have cable they stream broadcast the town meeting live on the net here for those who want to watch it on their computer.

For anyone who knows me personally, or those who read my columns, the idea that government should back off of its controlling nature is a view that I hold and espouse. I will be addressing the council on the subject of personal fowl inside of the city limits. It may be fun, or it could be a disaster, but most definitely it should not be missed.

Even better. Drop by and watch the meeting live. After the fiery workshop I wonder how this meeting will end up.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Smyrna High School 2006

A musical break.

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I need to have the weather stripping on the back window of my suburban replaced. The garage I normally go to said that was more of a body shop job. Question: anyone have a recommendation of a good bodyshop here in Smyrna or LaVergne?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smyrna Air show

It's coming and will be one of the larger draws to our fine town in number of people, and money spent while here. A family affair of jets, trucks and noise.
The internationally known United States Navy's Blue Angels, the Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, will entertain regional crowds at the Smyrna Airport April 12 and 13, 2008. Also featured are skywriters; the Red Eagle Air Sports team; and Shockwave, a semi truck powered by three jet engines that can reach speeds of 300 miles per hour.

The Blue Angels' mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and to represent the naval service to the United States, its elected leadership and foreign nations. The Blue Angels serve as positive role models and goodwill ambassadors for the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps.
More information can be found at the Smyrna airport website.

A note for anyone who takes pictures or videos. The website "This is Smyrna TV" would love to post them if you put them online at sites like YouTube or Liveleak. Drop us a line and let us share your videos.