Monday, July 27, 2009

Pimping myself...and others

The 2009 Ruthies are up and it was brought to my attention that this year I am in the running in the category of "Best Newspaper Columnist"

There are several specific categories for the Smyrna/LaVergne area

Favorite Place for a Quick Lunch - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Restaurant - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Dentist - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Doctor - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Drug Store/Pharmacy - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Place to Get a Haircut - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Auctioneer - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Banker - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Elected Official - LaVergne
Favorite Elected Official - Smyrna
Favorite Employer - Smryna/LaVergne
Favorite Place to Worship - Smyrna/LaVergne
Favorite Florist - Smyrna/LaVergne

and we did not forget the important category of......drum roll.......

Favorite Real Estate Agent - Smyrna/LaVergne

Yes dear readers. Our friend and co-blogger- and sister-city blog administrator Kathy Tyson from This is LaVergne is listed in this category so drop by and vote for her also.


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Kathy T. said...

AWWW! HOW SWEET! Yes, I'm writing in uppercase to emphasize how kind you are and excited I am at your kindness. Thanks. I'll vote for you often!