Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smyrna on TV

Smyrna's own Razz'z Bar and Grill will be on the Food Networks "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" for his jambalaya pasta. It is supposed to air March 12th and I'll remind you again at a later time.

It's great that Smyrna has restaurants of such quality to end up on national shows like this. A big thanks to Tina Landrum for this bit of news.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cellular Failure?

My wife and I are both experiencing a large volume of dropped calls, lost connections and garbled conversations on our cell phones. We live in the middle of town. It just started about a week ago and our phones work fine outside of the few blocks around our house.

Did we lose a tower? Did a meteor strike? Has AT&T been taken over by the government?

Anyone else losing connection lately?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Same as last year people

One of the reasons I like blogging on the subject of the town government is not to point out issues I disagree with, or how I know better in my view, but to inform people on issues that effect them in their daily affairs. My ultimate dream is to get a few people to step forward and to volunteer to take more interest in the government by becoming part of the system to a small part.

One way that I have done that is by becoming a member of the Storm Water advisory Committee and it has been a learning experience.

This is the time of year that new members for boards, committees and commissions are set and in the February town workshop they have set to add to the March agenda the issue of appointees.

12.Consideration of appointments to the following Boards and Committees:
a. Appointment of one (1) member to the Packaged Liquor Board to serve four (4) year term ending 2014.
b. Appointment of two (2) members to the Board of Zoning Appeals to serve three (3) year terms ending 2013.
c. Appointment of two (2) members to the Citizens for Sister City Relations to serve three (3) year terms ending 2013.
d. Appointment of two (2) members to the Parks Advisory Board and one (1) non- voting member to serve two (2) year terms ending 2012.
e. Appointment of two (2) members to the Planning Commission to serve two (2) year terms ending 2012.
f. Appointment of two (2) members to Project Assistance to serve three (3) year terms ending 2013.
g. Appointment of two (2) members to the Board of Adjustment & Appeals to serve three (3) year terms ending 2013 and two (2) members to serve one (1) year terms ending 2011.
h. Appointment of one (1) member to the Beer Board to serve four (4) year term ending 2014.
i. Appointment of three (3) members to the Storm Water Advisory Committee to serve two (2) year terms ending 2012.
j. Mayor to appoint one (1) member to the Historic Zoning Commission to serve five (5) year term ending 2015.
k. Mayor to appoint one (1) member to the Smyrna Housing Authority to serve five (5) year term ending 2015.
l. Appointment of one (1) member to the Smyrna/Rutherford County Airport Authority to serve five (5) year term ending 2015.
If you feel you can put in some time each month please take a moment to look at the descriptions of the groups on this page and if you like fill out the application here(pdf). Becoming part of the system makes understanding it a lot easier.

Deadline for applications are March 3rd so do not delay.

Election notice for SMYRNA


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Smyrna Bowling Center is pleased to announce the re-opening of 36 of our lanes. We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support from our customers and the bowling community. We officially will open at 5 PM on Thursday, February 11th. Please feel free to contact us at (615) 355-0501 to inquire about lane availability for your next visit. Once again we appreciate everyone's support and hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicken Wednesday

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Chicken Wednesday where a few articles will point out and hopefully dispel a few bad ideas about backyard chickens.

In Madison Wisconsin backyard chickens are good neighbors.
Janesville council members are considering changing Janesville’s ordinances to allow residents to keep a similar number of backyard chickens. Ordinances now allow chickens only in outlying areas.

People who have spoken out against the idea say chickens are noisy and smelly.

The Rettammells countered those arguments, as did two of their neighbors. The Rettammells’ chickens are more quiet than surrounding dogs, they said. Chickens don’t smell if their waste is taken care of, just like any other animal.

Even though the backyards in the Rettammells’ southwest Madison neighborhood are close together, some neighbors didn’t know chickens had moved in until the Rettammells told them.
I liked how some did not even know they were there until told....unlike howling dogs. That's being a good neighbor.

Other towns have joined the backyard chicken movement.
The Columbia, Missouri, City Council approved an ordinance that allows residents to raise chickens within city limits. In passing its urban-chicken ordinance, Columbia joins Springfield, Independence, St. Louis, Kirksville and Kansas City, Missouri.
While some are still fighting to get the ordinances changed.
Vickie Morgan thinks she won’t ruffle too many feathers with her crusade to bring backyard chickens to Burton.

The retired Grand Blanc school bus driver has asked the City Council to change an ordinance so she can raise hens on her half-acre that will allow hens to cluck around on Morgan’s half-acre yard on Springfield Street.

“I’ve just always wanted chickens,” said Morgan, who has lived in a suburb or city her whole life. “I’ve been told they’re like pets and just to have your own eggs — that’s what gets me, I guess.”

Morgan isn’t alone. People in other communities also are flocking to the idea of backyard chickens.
I'm one of the people "in other communities" who are flocking to the idea....but finding that bad ideas and rumors of the effect of backyard chickens are the greatest enemy to this growing movement.

Here is a video of some backyard chickens in an urban setting suffering the horrors of snow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The wait grows longer

The Smyrna AM did a long interview with Mayor Tony Dover about his administration and the future of Smyrna. One part stood out and will be a heart breaker for those who have been waiting for a bookstore in town.
Q: A development that included JC Penney, Best Buy and Books-a-Million was slated for Sam Ridley Parkway last year, but seemed to be dropped by its developer. Can you explain briefly what happened with that project? And do you believe that a development like that might find new life in the Rocky Fork Road area?

A: It is my understanding that the original developer is no longer the owner of the property but there still may be an opportunity for those retailers to come to Smyrna. Since development in the Rocky Fork area is still a couple of years in the future and we need to continue to encourage retail growth, I would like to see them move forward sooner rather than later on Sam Ridley.
We might still get them, but the plans as they had been publicized are now defunct. The one store that Smyrna needs so much in my view just got delayed.....Danm!

The news that Hollywood Video is also closing was announced today also.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was picking up a prescription at Walgreens on Old Nashville highway and saw the Pentecostals of Smyrna church bus in its regular place. I looked closer and noticed something that put a big smile on my face.

When they painted it and put their name on it they took the time to add purple flames....that is so cool in my view. Flames on a church bus. I love it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The season of love

We feel it is a bother to buy a funny hallmark card from Walmart, so the investment these people made into 'love' should be noted this romantic holiday season.
Flirtation, Fans and Flowers: Victorian Courtships Exhibit
February 02, 2010 - February 28, 2010
Did you know that Victorian Valentines could cost as much as a day rental for a carriage? This program explores the courtship customs of the Victorian Era. The romantic language of flowers and fans will be presented.
Regular admission rates apply.
Contact: Oaklands Historic House Museum,
(615) 893-0022


This was posted last night on our website from the new GM Mark Hubbuck:
To all of our extended Smyrna Bowling Family…thanks so much for the thoughts, prayers, comments, and offers to help us during this trying time! Roy & Sue are strengthened by the show of support this community has already given. We are all working very hard to do what we can to reopen as quickly as possible, but this will be a slow process. The damage was quite extensive, and we are still in the beginning stages of repair. Please stay tuned with us as we will give updates every few days to keep all informed.
Our community is such a great one to live in and I know once we reopen  everyone will be stopping by to show support. Thanks to all who are concerned.