Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thida Thai

For good Pacific food in Smyrna you would normally think of Omni Hut, but their is a Thai restaurant that is going to give them a run for their money. Thida Thai is a new business that started just last year and is in the process of gaining a growing following. Not only is their food good, but the service and prices follow suit. I've been several times and have not been disappointed once.

Yesterday my wife and I went and she ordered this food item. A fried rice dish served and cooked in a whole fresh pineapple. why is it in a pineapple is beyond me, but the shrimp/chicken/pineapple rice dish was very fruity and she enjoyed it. I had an order of skewered chickens with peanut sauce.

One useful and customer friendly item that stood out the first time I went was the menu. Dishes were listed and each listing fully describes what is in it. No guessing what something has here. Not only that but when they have pictures they include pictures of their own cooking and not some stock photos from a catalog. Often you can see the dish and know all the items in it before you order, a nice consideration for people trying out oddly named dishes.

If you go early for lunch you might find something odd there. The establishment is family run and they are practicing Buddhists. Each morning they take a small amount of food and drink and set it in dishes outside the front of the building for the spirits as part of their belief system. These are brought back in by noon. The time I noticed it they had about six small bowls with sliced bananas and a bowl with a noodle dish, plus a glass with I believe water. The addition of this practice to the growing richness of Smyrna is simply wonderful in my view.

Take some time and eat some real good food. I recommend the Chicken Delight as a good starter dish.
Thida Thai
721 President Place, Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 220-7573‎ – (615) 220-7574‎
Here is a review site image of the same dish that my wife had from Thida Thai that is more in focus.

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