Sunday, May 16, 2010

Request for your help

This was just received by 'This is Smyrna' from the Smyrna police department.

On this date, May 16, 2010, a group of teens was having a graduation party at 101 Lakewood Circle in Smyrna. Around 1:50 am, a black, sub-compact passenger vehicle (possibly foreign in make and model) pulled up in front of the residence and 2 - 4 subjects stepped out of the vehicle and began shooting at the people in front of the house. The vehicle then sped away from the scene. As a result of the shooting, one 14 year old male was shot in the head and was laying on the front porch. Police and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene and the shooting victim was initially transported to Stonecrest Hospital but was transferred to Vanderbilt Medical Center shortly after. The victim is currently in critical condition at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Our investigation is on-going and we need your help locating two persons of interest.

1) Johnny Khamla Chomsavanh - Asian male, 5'11" tall, 135 lbs, 21 years of age, goes by name of "Johnny"

2) Chris Bucgong Nachampasak - Asian male, 5'9" tall, 170 lbs, 19 years of age, goes by name of "Chris" or "Gong"

These are persons of interest and anyone with information about the location of either of these men, or any other information relating to this shooting, is requested to please contact the Smyrna Police Department at (615) 459-6644.
This weekend is a time of celebrations and passages in life...not a time of violence. If you can help the police find these two people of interest or have more information on this crime the community would greatly appreciate your making a call to the police. This is where a community should stand up and do something.

The young 14 year old has passed away and they are now upgrading it to a homicide investigation.

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