Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Looking at the old newspapers on online archives you find breadcrumbs that hint at rather interesting stories, yet nothing else can be found about them at all. This example is from the The daily phoenix., February 04, 1868.
Who is Narmer, who shot him six times and who took an ax to him? A bit of over kill in my humble opinion, but he might have been a big'ol boy.

I have been unable to find anything else about this story and this week I'm going to dump several of these intriguing, yet with little details, stories for you to suffer as I have. I figure I would share the pain.

FYI. I like the word 'affray'. It sounds so much better than 'drunken brawl' in an article. Anyone can brawl, but to 'affray' implies a level of class so missing in today's society. 

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