Sunday, September 15, 2013

How far would you travel?

I try to post job fairs or large number job openings in the area. I limit the listings to the M'boro to Antioch area, but is that not enough. I HATED the commute to Nashville when I worked in the Fountain Square area years ago. The idea of helping somebody end up in that position that they have to go into that maelstrom of traffic and stress just seems wrong.
A lot of people are willing to travel much further for a job. An example is this job fair.

So I'm asking you the reader. Do you want me to expand job fair listings or mass openings (Single company) to most of Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood?  The commute would be longer and might not be possible for someone just getting a job after a long time without.

I list the fairs and mass openings as a service to help the residents of Smyrna.

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