Monday, September 9, 2013

Local charity event

Joanna Taraska-White brought the following event to my attention.
Sharing an amazing event with you for the local Community. Its the Smyrna Heart Of Giving Clothing Give Away/ Food drive. Will be at Rock Spring's Church Sept the 14th from 8-1. The way this work's is simple, arrive with at least 2 items to donate to the Food Bank and then go in to find needed clothing for you and your family. All left over clothing will be donated to local Shelters. 
The Smyrna Heart of giving Clothing Give Away/Food drive is associated with the Smyrna Heart of Giving FaceBook page for those interested. This sounds like a wonderful event that helps people and could allow you to help others.

Take a moment in your schedule and drop by. it should be noted that this is occurring on the same day as the Wings of Freedom Fish Fry.

The address for the Rock Spring's Church is:
1450 Sam Davis Road Suite 155
Smyrna, TN 37167
PH: (615) 220-2220 

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