Friday, August 22, 2014

How to fight the good fight

Is a lost cause worth fighting? I ask that not in a hypothetical manner, but due to my dear wife. She’s taking a speech class this semester for her degree, but it will be in Nashville. I was bummed as I was hoping she could do a presentation for her class for me.

I’m a person that wants backyard chickens. You likely have seen one of my random links to articles on the subject. I figure if a neighbor can have 6 dogs, than why can’t I have the same number, or slightly more, chickens? If treated equally under the law in questions of hygiene, noise, running loose, etc, then the comparison seems legitimate.  I understand, although I don’t agree with their final viewpoint, of what makes a good town.  There are things that would make us look like a redneck villa from hell, but this is not one of them. A simple view of Google news shows the large amount of people that wish this.

I’m one of them.

A last gasp effort might be to address the planning commission. They are quick to ask for changes or regulations. That in itself isn’t bad if not too quick. I remember a company was simply looking at putting an indoor shooting range in town and they were talking about the need for regulation. Just the idea of a company in town without more regulations made them jump. I’ve also seen planning send suggested changes in codes to the council that ‘Stepford’ them right into the codes.

I asked my wife if she could address the council or planning commission and give them a petition. I have one we did in 2009, but it was sidelined by life, but this would be a new one that people could sign online and would be easier to find.

My wife looked at me and stated “you know this is a lost cause?” Sadly I rather do know that, but in life are some lost causes worth pushing for? The council seems rather unified in their views. Just look at the level of debates on the hot topics like replacement council members and such. They also have a certain ‘white bread’ view for Smyrna. A true Stepford Wives situation.

So is it worth getting together a petition, writing out our views, addressing the council or planning commission, and then being told that while other communities larger and smaller do it, that Smyrna just cannot see it happening here…white bread?

In a way it is rather bothersome that such a view exists. I’m a pessimist, but my wife isn’t, and when she says it is a lost cause, what does that say about our town council or how community issues are addressed?

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-Jason said...

We'd love to have chickens also, our lot size is 2/3 of an acre, and I agree, if the neighbors can park their cars all over their lawns, something that is in clear violation of zoning rules, why can't we have chickens that will help us create a food source (we want them for the eggs).

I'd offer to help put together a presentation. If you are interested, respond to me via e-mail and we can connect and strategize.