Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Business in town

I try to keep ads down to Grand Openings/New Businesses, Going out of business sales and Charity events. I am overjoyed when new businesses come into town. I like the energy they bring.

Here is a new business in town called Smith Dental. It has had several write ups about it in industry media due to its unique motif and already have a web presence on FaceBook and Web.

They've had their Grand Opening and are waiting for the surf to come in. Ha. The theme of their practice is for the surfing culture from the West Coast and it might be just what a kid needs to relax. No plastic ferns here. The site has none of the industrial look that is so offsetting and just made to put you on edge. The colorful site might just be what a kid needs to put their mind at ease.

Dr. Smith, of Smith Dental, is a Harvard and Vanderbilt educated Dentist. He has sites in Spring Hill and Madison that are Ortho-only, but the new Smyrna site is a Multi-specialty site to meet all your needs.

A lot of work has gone into this new business here in Smyrna and if you have a need, try them out.

I'm happy to say they are not on Sam Ridley, but are at 1347 Rock Springs Rd. Smyrna, Tennessee. They're number to call them is  615-83-SMILE

I asked, what for me is a very important question. Do they have nitrous? "we have nitrous, and our hours are Mon-Fri 8am-8pm; Saturday’s from 8a-2p. However, until we build-up our patient base, we aren’t yet seeing patients every Saturday."

Steve Cram from Smith Dental also said that "We also offer in-house financing for orthodontics.". That right there is a positive in my view.

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