Thursday, May 12, 2016


I was viewing the stats for the blogspot part of the This is Smyrna websites, and one of the items the stats shows are search words. Now for the most part they all look like nice words to find our community online...but what the feck people!

  • dates of carnival in smyrna tn
  • mother's day specials smyrna tn
  • new businesses coming to smyrna tn
  • simply smyrna 2016
  • smyrna tn
  • was there ever nuclear plant in smyrna, tn
  • when is the carnival on sam ridley smryna tn going to open
  • willie's wet spot smyrna
I'm not sure what I posted in the past that would drive "was there ever [a] nuclear plant in smyrna, tn" searches my way.

So let the information go forth that Smyrna, is nuclear free....but that is what they would want you to believe.

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