Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nearby Chemical Spill

They're lucky and I would really like you to not have to depend on luck.

Just south of Murfreesboro in Rutherford county, right now there is a truck accident that is creating a 'plume' of dangerous, if not deadly, gas. They have called for a "shelter in place", stay inside and do not go out to expose yourself to the fumes.

I worry I will sound slightly like the guy that cried wolf when I say a family should have a 72 hour kit made up for each person. Some posts just turn people off...but I also know that we have I-24 running through the west side of town, and a railroad running through the heart of town, and that leaves a lot of chances for accidents like this to occur.

Two tractor trailer trucks crashed into one another on I-24 early Wednesday morning. One truck overturned at mile marker 87 and has created a hazmat situation. Evidently, the truck was hauling chlorine pool tablets. (NOTE: The 87 mile marker is between Joe B. Jackson Parkway and Buchanan exit). 
A five-mile stretch of the interstate has been blocked by the crash. The interstate will remain closed at this time (updated at 8:05AM). 
Rutherford County Emergency Management is asking nearby residents to shelter in place (see map for area). Officials are asking residents there to stay in doors, turn off HVAC heat and air and wait on officials to give an all clear.
The people informed to stay in place are relatively lucky, but they might have been asked to leave FAST...and chemical cleanups is not something you do fast.

On November 28th I posted about the need for having a pack due to the fires in Gatlinberg, and now we have a situation even closer to home. Please take the time for ease of mind, to put a small pack together for your own comfort. In an odd case of timing, I just did a post on taking care of your pets in an emergency less than 24 hours ago.

Thank you

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