Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fat Mo's Is The Place To Be

Unlike Michael, I was able to complete an order at Fat Mo's last night. I'm not sure they were prepared for the demand in this area. It looks like a family of Middle Easterners run the place and they were working their tail ends off last night. The line for the drive-thru extended to the road and I had to park and go inside for fear of my car over-heating.

I noticed, immediately, the menu's and the lack of graphics and color. This is good, it keeps their overhead costs down somewhat. I think it also sets them apart from other fast food places. It makes a statement in its lack of things. Anyway, the line inside the store was not much better. It nearly extended to the exit.

I completed my order and waited. Waited some more. When my order came up, it was wrong. They quickly corrected it but when I got it home, it was still wrong. I had asked for no condiments on any of the combos but got condiments on all the combos. Good thing I wasn't allergic. I think I will let them slide on that given the fact that they clearly did not have the full capacity to handle the demand.

The burger itself, for which I think Fat Mo's is most known for, was good. I think it was better than any fast food joint around. But the fries could use something. By the time I got home, they were a soggy, greasy mess. They were not crisp. Perhaps this is another side-effect of their overwhelming demand... I don't know. Bottom line, I think I'll give them another try in the future.

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