Monday, April 30, 2007

Note to all

Looking around I see a lot of events that are not being posted here that people should know about. If you have a community event you would like others to know about, please email your contact information and event details to me(email link).

Yard sale
Bake sale
Prayer circles
Barn raising
Political rally
Witch burning
Movie in the park
Blood drive
Grand Openings
Pretty much everything is open for posting.

They will be posted under the subject tag of "Submitted community events"

Yard sale

Looks like there is going to be a big yeard sale this coming weekend.
The Smyrna/La Vergne branch of the Boys & Girls Club of Rutherford County will hold a club/community yard sale on Saturday, May 5 from 7 a.m. -1 p.m., at the club, located at 413 Nissan Drive.

The Boys & Girls Club will sell pool and air hockey tables, bikes, furniture and sporting equipment, among other things. Community members are invited to sell some of their own belongings, provided they give 30 percent of the profits to the club. Proceeds will go towards the club’s educational programs

Sunday, April 29, 2007


This goes into effect tomorrow so make needed changes.
Work on the bridge on Morton Lane between Jericho and the entrance to the Stewarts Creek schools will begin Monday, 04/30/2007 and will continue for at least one month. The road will be reduced to one lane in this area with a 15 MPH speed limit that will be strictly enforced. We appreciate your indulgence and consideration for the safety of all parties concerned.

As the road widening to three lanes continues along Morton to Almaville Road, updates will be posted weekly. Road closure to all but local residents will begin during May 2007 and will continue into late summer.

Please call Public Works at 459-2553 for further information.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Smyrna A.M.

Smyrna A.M. has a new editor.

I would like to extend a big blogger welcome to Taylor Loyal, our new neighbor.

While he currently lives in Nashville, he is planning on moving to Smyrna.

I have yet to see him, but found that we both were raised in Owensboro Kentucky. He better like Moonlite Bar-B-Q, or there could be problems. That's all I have to say.

He has been invited to the blogger get together, so you all may get to see him tomorrow.

Hi Taylor!

Power outage

A chunk of Smyrna, along the Hazelwood area, was without power today.

A doofus semi truck driver was making a delivery to the stores near Smyrna video when they snagged the power lines.

This act pulled one pole about 10 degrees off kilter, and another about 45 degrees off kilter. The badly off-angled one dropped two transformers to the ground. Luckily the hit directly between Smyrna video, and La Petite. In the process of pulling the power lines, the wires going into the back of Smyrna video were badly pulled out. The standard power boxes on the back of the store were just barely hanging there.

Our power was out for about 2 hours that I know of. La Petite said they would get their power back Saturday. Not sure of Smyrna video, but their systems looked messed up beyond a single days work.

I was driving past the Smyrna video and saw that the whole row of stores had their power back on at 9pm. A total rebuild in just 8-9 hours by the city utilities. Consider me impressed.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A "questionable" business in Smyrna.

Google news updates brought to my attention that a business based in Smyrna, may be involved in questionable activities.
Dawn Domain signed up as a member of MedLife Plus to receive its card that promised discounts on medical services of up to 80 percent from local providers in Burlington.

But all of the doctors MedLife said would take the card rejected it.

She said she eventually found a dentist who stated he would accept it, but the fee he would charge for taking the discount card would actually be higher than what he normally charges.

Domain and two other Wisconsin residents with similar stories are named in a lawsuit filed Thursday by the state attorney general's office alleging that MedLife Plus and Full Access Medical, both based in Tennessee, violated state consumer laws.
The companies' Web sites list offices in Atlanta and Marietta, Ga., but both are registered in Smyrna, Tenn.
I've seen late night commercials detailing wonderful discount cards. They always seemed be "to good to be true", and they may have been.

Other parties in Tennessee

We live in a two party political system. There is just one problem in that. When both parties act the fool people feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. The good thing about our country is that there are third options.

These third parties have a presence in Tennessee and you may want to look into them. Variety is what makes life worth living.

Green Party of Tennessee
Libertarian party of Tennessee
Natural Law party
Reform Party of Tennessee(Alt link)
Constitutional party of Tennessee
Communist Party of Middle Tennessee
The Confederate party of Tennessee
Prohibition party of Tennessee

Wikipedia has a good list on Third parties that may interest you.

note: This is Smyrna, TN. does not endorse any party and this list is for informational purposes only.

One year ago - April 2006

The main highlight from our blog one year ago shows a community in turmoil.

A year ago that news tore through our city.

Michelle McManus coming to you live from Meadow Wood Apartments where a young girl has come up missing.

Early this morning around 4:00 AM a phone call was placed to the Smyrna, TN Police Department. I can attest that they were here searching at approximately 4:15 for the missing girl. Please pass the message along that this little girl is missing. Police are following up on leads. A candelite vigil is talking place as I blog. Please help.

There's been an Amber Alert issued by Smyrna Police Department. Analyce Guerra, age 1 (16 months) , has been missing since last night. Her mother, a local resident of Meadow Wood apartments, says that she put her baby to sleep last night and woke up around 4 A.M. to find her baby gone.
One year to the day this news broke.

Bake Sale/Yard Sale for Missing Smyrna Girl's Family This Weekend
The Meadow Wood "Kids" of the Meadow Wood Apartments complex at 600 Nissan Drive in Smyrna, TN will be having a Bake Sale/Yard Sale this Saturday to help raise money for the Guerra family. The Guerra's daughter, Analyce Guerra, went missing on Sunday night/Monday morning. If you are interested in donating baked goodies to the bake sale, please deliver them to the office no later than 6 PM on Friday.
Then painful choices had to be made.Missing Girl in Smyrna, TN - Update
So you know what I know, the police, according to the Tennessean, have called off the search and are now interviewing people who know the family. Suspecting foul play.

Don't give up hope and keep your eyes peeled for the missing girl. By the way, her age is 28 months.
This young girl is still missing. Odd pieces to the puzzle have popped up in the last year. Not one seems to have gotten any closer to where she is.

Today's "One year ago" is dedicated to Analyce Guerra.

Monday, April 23, 2007

April blogger meet

Come one, come all. The April blogger meet for the Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Group will be held April 28th at 2pm at Espresso Joe's in Smyrna Tennessee.

Last month we had a good group.
Ginger of Ginger Snaps
Michael of Big Orange Micheal and This is Smyrna, TN
John H. of Salem's Lots
Bad Bad Ivy from The Bad Bad Ivy experience
Elizabeth of Harelip Frog
Gunner of No Quarters and This Is Smyrna, TN
View from the Lake of LaVergne, TN
Drop by and meet some of this motley crew.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Activity reminder

This Saturday is the hazardous waste drop off for this area.
APRIL 21, 2007

This is a public service that attempts to safely dispose of unwanted household hazardous wastes appearing on the following list. Simply place your household hazardous waste(s) in the trunk or bed of your vehicle & drive-thru the pick-up line. Workers will remove the items while you remain in your vehicle.

(This valuable service is meant for households ONLY, therefore businesses CANNOT participate. Used oil from any type of vehicle is to be recycled at your local automotive supply store, NOT at this event!!)
FYI. They don't take children.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vandy girls won the nationals!!!

yes the girls from vandy won the national bowling championship this week. way to go girls!!!! hope to see you all when you get back into town!! go and read more about the girls HUGE WIN!!! wE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU GIRLS.

Truths and rumors and details

Mark posted on a possible theme park that may come to Rutherford county.
The company, SafeHarbor Holding, met with officials at Smyrna Town Centre on Friday to discuss possible plans for the park. The developers hope to open the venue somewhere in Middle Tennessee in the next two to three years. Local elected officials were the first to hear a presentation about the $150 million to $200 million theme park.

Armon Bar-Tur, a New York-based project manager for the private enterprise, said the park would be nondenominational and nonevangelical in providing experiences based on the Bible. It could mean 200 to 300 regular jobs and 500 to 1,000 seasonal jobs, he said.
It's only going to bring more people to the Blackman area," said Sheila McCord, president of the Blackman Middle Parent Teacher Organization. "We're already bursting at the seams at the Blackman schools. Where is the money going to come from to build the schools for the children that will come with this growth?"

The theme park would be built on between 100 and 300 acres that have not been identified by the developers, Bar-Tur said.

Local officials, however, have talked about the theme park being located on farmland in the Blackman community.
Sounds like it could be a good investment in our county.

For the last year I have heard rumors from people that large chunks of land had been purchased near the almaville road and 840 exit for a new theme park. One relative said that he was told it was going to be a "Disney" themes park. This theme park may be the basis of the rumor that he has talked about.

To get an idea of its size.
Highlights of a proposed Bible Park USA that may be built in Rutherford County:

Project cost: $150 million to $200 million

Number of acres: 200 to 300

Number of regular jobs: 200 to 300

Number of seasonal jobs: 500 to 1,000

Years to build: two to three

Project manager: Armon Bar-Tur, a managing partner with New York based SafeHarbor.

Founder and chief executive officer of Bible Park USA: Ronen Paldi, who's based in Portland, Ore. Paldi also is the founder of Ya'lla Tours USA.

Friday, April 13, 2007

theme park coming to smyrna???

I just read in the D.N.J that our great city might be getting a theme park! This could be very big for us guys. Go and read it here. I hope this is true. tell me your thoughts would you go alot or once a year???

Cedar Restaurant Review

I had the opportunity to lunch at "Cedars" restaurant (it has a bigger name like Cedars Italian and Mediterranean Cafe but not exactly sure) this past Tuesday and was "wow'ed"!!!

I had the Chicken Parmesan sandwich with fries and my friend had the manicotti. The chicken was very tender and juicy, the bread was soft, and the fries were perfect. My friend's manicotti must have been excellent because she finished every single bite at least five minutes before I did. It was more expensive than what you'd get at a fast food, but very comparable to a dine-in type restaurant.

We ate only from the Italian side of the menu, but I've heard from Ivy that the Mediterranean choices are quite good. I know I'm no taste connoisseur and my review isn't detailed, but I do know good food when I taste it and that food is GREAT!

Located where Dan Good BBQ briefly operated, it is very convenient to people on the Sam Ridley Parkway corridor (turn where you would to go to the Bob Parks Realty office, then go right at the first intersection - it's on the left next to State Farm).

Hope you like it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Traffic light approved

The DNJ's web site is reporting that the traffic light for the intersection of Motlow College Dr and Sam Ridley Parkway has been approved by the state.

In addition to the traffic light, they will be re-working the intersection in the weeks and months ahead.

All I can say as a Y member who feels sometimes feels like he's taking his life in his hands to turn onto the Motlow from Sam Ridley--hallelujah. And thank you.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Its that time of year again!!

Well everyone its spring time and I hope you know what that means? Yes it is carnival time in Smyrna. The yearly carnival is setting up today next door to the Smyrna bowling center. I have never been to the one here but might just stop in one night before work to ride a few rides. remember that if you park in the grass its free. anywhere else they will charge you. Fill up the kiddies and bring them to this years carnival for cotton candy, games and all the rides!!! Hope to see you folks there sharing some family time this year with your love ones!!!!

Have fun and remember to hang on and enjoy the ride!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007


i WANT TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT THE Smyrna Bowling Center is doing a great dead! Every time that school is out during the week for the next year you can bring in a can of food and get a free game with shoes for your children. This will help the Smyrna/Lavergne food bank. We here at the bowling center will offer this Monday Thru Friday from 7am till 4pm. Bring in one can good and your child will get bowl a free game plus help out those that are needing help! This will also teach them to give back to the community!

Aside note: You better get there early on these days because we usually have a waiting list around 11am and have all 52 lanes full when school is out. This offer is first come first serve and no reservations taken for this offer! non-perishable items only!

Thanks and Happy bowling!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some Housing Numbers

The housing market has been dire across the nation this year, but I ran some numbers for Smyrna to see where this community sits. The numbers look pretty good!

Homes closed in March 2007: 79
Homes closed in March 2006: 85

Homes closed Jan. 1 - March 31, 2007: 216
Homes closed Jan. 1 - March 31, 2006: 201

Homes currently on the market in Smyrna: 373
Lowest Price: $67,900 (a mobile home on Mill Lane with two bedrooms, 1 bath, and half acre)
Most Expensive: $674,900 (a four bedroom, three and half bath, four car garage home with almost 5,000 square feet, five acres, on Hidden Valley).