Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An odd twist to the story

This is Smyrna, TN, and most of the citizens of Smyrna, have followed the ongoing story of Analyce Guerra. Anyone with a child has likely said a small prayer that she be safely found.

News of an event that is a bit disturbing came to my attention.
The father of a missing Smyrna toddler was arrested last week on charges of sexual battery of a child, Smyrna police said.

Metro police arrested Nehemias Guerra on a warrant charging him with sexual contact with a child and transferred him to the Rutherford County Jail, Smyrna spokesman Sgt. Bobby Gibson said.
The father was never in any of the news reports I saw as the story unfolded in passing. I thought he was out of the picture. Not sure how this changes the whole situation, but it is distressing.

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