Monday, April 24, 2006


Michelle McManus coming to you live from Meadow Wood Apartments where a young girl has come up missing.

Early this morning around 4:00 AM a phone call was placed to the Smyrna, TN Police Department. I can attest that they were here searching at approximately 4:15 for the missing girl. Please pass the message along that this little girl is missing. Police are following up on leads. A candelite vigil is talking place as I blog. Please help.

There's been an Amber Alert issued by Smyrna Police Department. Analyce Guerra, age 1 (16 months) , has been missing since last night. Her mother, a local resident of Meadow Wood apartments, says that she put her baby to sleep last night and woke up around 4 A.M. to find her baby gone.

If you have ANY news/leads/anything, please call Smyrna Police Department.

Update: 7:30 PM. There's no coordinated effort this evening to search anywhere. I feel so ineffectual. I've searched myself...

Apartments were searched. Hound Dogs were here. Infrared was used, as I understand. They've scanned a 4 mile radius. Still missing. They blocked off the apartment complex earlier. I came in and out without issue, however, when I got in.

It is now 9:25 PM. Fox 17 reports that the police believe the child would not have stayed gone this long by herself. I tend to agree. I came directly home and put on my long hunting socks, tennis shoes and grabbed my lantern ready to participate in a search for the missing girl.

I was told that they were wrapping the search up for the evening but I walked the back of the apartments, in the ditch that is behind our apartments, to look for myself. Then later I walked around the complex several more times... I looked for any signs of a child. I would suspect that the girl is still in diapers and was looking for a diaper on the ground as these things tend to fall off if soiled too much. Oddly enough, during the candle light vigil, the ice cream truck showed up and I know we were all hoping that the child would come running, begging for ice cream.

My husband took my daughter to school today and he was stopped and his vehicle searched. As it turns out, my son had left a red crayon in his clothing one day and when the clothes were put in the dryer, so was the crayon and wouldn't you know that he had the shirt with the red crayon on. He was asked several times what was on his shirt. Then they asked my 14 year old for identification...

I can't begin to imagine what the family is going through right now. My son is friends with the older brother of the little girl. They play together, sometimes in my apartment.

When I was younger, there was a girl who lived across the street from me. Her name was Amy. I won't disclose her last name. She was abducted while playing in the alley behind her house. The guy handcuffed her under the dashboard, took her off and sodemized her. Lucky for her, he dropped her off at a park in St. Louis and police found her. This incident brings back memories of that time in my life when vacant lots were your playground and collecting rusty nails was about the best hobby to have because there wasn't much else to do. This neighborhood is leaps and bounds better than the one that I grew up in so just goes to show that this can happen anywhere. To anyone.

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