Saturday, July 8, 2006

Missing girl in Smyrna update

This morning's DNJ has a story with an update on Analyce Guerra. Analyce is the two-year-old girl who has been missing in the Smyrna area since April 24th.

Analyce's mother went on WSMV's newscast last night and said that she's received two phone calls that assure her than Analyce is alive.

An interview with Guerra and her mother, Guadalupe Gonzalez, aired on WSMV Channel 4 Friday evening. Guerra said she has received two phone calls on her cell phone — one from a blocked number and another from the 931 area code used throughout Middle Tennessee, according to her caller ID.

Guerra told WSMV no one spoke when she answered the call from the blocked number, but said she could hear a little girl laughing in the background. When she answered the call with the 931 area code, the unidentified man assured Guerra her daughter was alive and well.

According to the story, Guerra had not made the police or FBI agents assigned to the case aware of the call. She also refused to comment further on the story for the DNJ.

The Smyrna police department and the FBI have followed up "hundreds" of leads in this case, according to the story. I know it's a great tragedy for the family invovled and my thoughts and prayers go out to them. But part of me still wonders why the mother didn't make the police and the FBI aware of these calls.

All I can say is--I hope and pray Analyce is returned safe and sound very soon. I also wanted to take a moment to remind our readers that the case was, as of now, unresolved and ask that if anyone had any leads they please report them to the proper authorities.

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