Friday, February 3, 2006

King Chef

Smyrna has another new restaurant!

I tried the cuisine from the new King Chef's Chinese and gyro take-out last evening. I ordered General Tzo's Chicken with fried rice and an egg roll. The portion size was good, the food was quite good and it was reasonably priced.

King Chef is located on Sam Ridley, near the bowling alley, in the same strip mall with Fat Mo's.


Anonymous said...

where's espresso Joe's?

Gunner said...

A block south on Old Nashville Highway just south of Sam Ridly in the strip mall with the sub shop and 24 hour gym in it.

Anonymous said...

espresso joes is now closed...:( unfortunately. i loved it, but it was competeing with Star*ucks with drive thru - i hate corporate coffee. another small town individual shop run out of town.