Sunday, March 12, 2006

Job hunting in Smyrna

Looking for a job, any job, can sometimes be very stressful. With most search engine returns bringing you nothing but questionable jobs and sites build on ads alone it is hard to find what you need online. Honestly how many times can you see the same ads attempting to get you to help sell time shares or worse door to door before you want to scream and give up?

As someone looking for a job I have ended up very impressed with certain local government's websites and would like to bring them to your attention.

Welcome to the Town of Smyrna Human Resources site on the World Wide Web. These pages are designed to provide you with information on careers, recruitment, benefits and more. Please take a look around and see what the Town of Smyrna Tennessee has to offer.
A nice site that is currently listing 10 jobs open. Full and part time available. While most are seasonal and rather entry level they do have one full time administrative position open.

Our neighbor city has 11 jobs listed. Most of these do not look seasonal and could be a nice "foot in the door" for something better. Sadly to look at the individual jobs require adobe reader as they are in PDF form.

La Vergne
While our neighbor has a page for job listing they currently have none posted.

With everything from a librarian to a helicopter pilot needed this listing will have something for you. 25 individual jobs are listed on this one page alone with a few looking like they had several opening per job. Also on the bottom of this page are links to the Planning Department, the Health Department, the Metro Action Commission, and the Nashville Convention Center as they have their own human resources sites with jobs listed. A small note. The old requirement that if you worked for the Metro police or Sheriff's department you had to live in the county has been dropped. They found it was pretty much impossible to enforce that silly rule.

A few resources for your job hunting task ahead. Good luck.

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