Friday, May 19, 2006

Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Meeting and Other Things that are Happening Around Here

Hey folks, come on over to Smyrna, TN tomorrow for a wonderful time during the blogger and podcaster's meeting at the Espresso Joe's. We always have a great time and, for the most part, the dialog is unplanned. I do have some items on the agenda, however, to discuss. I'd like for each of us to go off having learned a little something and had a good time, to boot.

The meeting will be at 2:00 PM central, tomorrow (Saturday) at Espresso Joe's.

Espresso Joe's Coffee Co is located at:
901 Rock Springs Rd.
Smyrna, TN

Bad Bad Ivy is also planning on having a bloggique at her domicile (aka, house of ill repute)... just kidding. We need to congratulate her on getting a paid blogging gig, too! You go, girl.

I'd like to know if Brandi, a reader of the This Is Smyrna, TN blog would like to come to our podcast and talk about some of the information she has been providing on the Analyce Guerra (missing Smyrna, TN girl) situation. Brandi, if you are reading, consider yourself invited. Come on out and make some new friends.

I've also invited Marivuana Stout Leinoff to the blogger and podcaster's meeting to enlighten us on her run for Governor of the State of Tennessee. She has said that she would come but I think she may be committing for the next month. Either way, I'm going to get an interview!

Also, a former neighbor (or at least from my former neighborhood) is running for Governor of the state, Wayne Thomas Bailey. Wayne, if you happen to be reading this blog, consider yourself also invited. If you can't make it to this meeting, we have monthly meetings and would love to have you at the next. The invitation is extended to anyone who's running for Governor. Simply post your intent with a link to a website or an email address to let us know.

Our last Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Meeting was attended by:

Big Orange Michael,
Kathy T. of Resistance is Not Futile and Lavergne, TN
Aunt B. of Tiny Cat Pants
Gunner of No Quarters and This is Smyrna, TN
Malia of Musings from Malicious
Elizabeth of Harelip Frog
The always popular, Britney of Nashville is Talking
Christian Grantham of Christian Grantham
Dewayne of Chip Manor
and Amy of Bad Bad Ivy

You can download the podcasts by reviewing the last couple posts in April of the April Middle Tennessee Blogger and Podcaster's Meeting.

Now, on the topic of the missing girl in Smyrna, TN... I'm pretty open minded so I'd like to bring to your attention, if you will humor me for a moment, to post this that Brandi has posted pertaining to the missing Smyrna, TN girl, Analyce Guerra. Brandi posted:

here is what someone eles sees.
Dear Brandi,
I know this info doesnt fit in with applied logic, but I sense her body is not far from the apartment she lived in. The authorities will have searched the whole area, I know but im being shown a green area with trees/shrubs that then has building works at the end.Drawn to the corner of this area by some shrub and under the ground. I belive its not just earth shes under but building rubble or something similiar and wrapped in something red I think. Theres a sense of panic that I pick up when shes palced there and tears being shed and someone apologising saying " I dont know what else to do, Im sorry" and Im sensing its a man that places her there not her mum. I think shes been left alone unsupervised when this happened.
Lets hope Im of kilter here and shes alive and well!

Kind Regards,

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