Thursday, June 7, 2007

Smyrna goes green

With the assistance of a state grant, Smyrna is getting help in establishing an alternate fuel site.
Gov. Phil Bredesen announced today that the state will provide a Green Island Corridor Grant of $35,200 to Daily’s fuel station on Tridon Drive at Almaville Road in Smyrna in Rutherford County. The funds will be used to install new underground storage tanks and dispensers for both biodiesel (B20) and ethanol (E85) fuel. This grant is one of 10 awarded to retail fuel stations across the state totaling more than $130,000.

“Awarding these grants today places us one step closer to making biofuels more commercially available to all Tennesseans,” said Bredesen. “By establishing this network of retail biofuel stations along our interstates and major highways, we are giving Tennesseans more choices at the pump. By increasing the availability of biofuels, we’re also able to reduce vehicle emissions, help protect public health and reduce our dependence on petroleum.”
I'm not sure is this is the first site in Smyrna to sell "green" fuel, but the demands from the marketplace demand a supply be established.

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