Friday, September 28, 2007

Final Update for fundraiser

HELLO everyone. This will be hopefully be the final update for the fundraiser for its this evening and I have so much to do still. We have now right at 140 items donated, Plus the Titans cheerleaders are going to be stopping by to see Brandon. The owners of the bowling center would like since we are going to be very busy , that everyone that walks in the door please make at least a $10.00 donation if your not going to be bowling. We will be selling tickets at the front door tonight plus all the items for the auction will be set up in the meeting room down at lane #1. Also if you get a chance to meet Brandon be VERY CARE FULL so you don't trip over his tubes. Channel 4 will be there as well taking pictures so we need everyone to bring signs saying we love you Brandon.

I want to thank Yvonne Moon, Kathy Tyson, Roy B., Sue B., Mrs Leal., everyone at the bowling center, Smyrna Printing, Channel 4, DNJ.COM, My family, and anyone else I have forgotten for helping and putting up with me during this event. his cause has meant so much to me and I still get tears in my eyes when I talk about Brandon. This young man has really touched me in ways I will never forget. God bless Brandon and his family for all the strength they have shown.

Here is today's article about our fundraiser and once again thank you D.N.J.COM!!

We now have a limo (World Class limo service) donated by Elizabeth Murphy, my mother, to go and pick up Brandon and bring him to the Bowling center. We told him about the limo coming for him and he is even more excited now than ever. Also watch channel 4 news at 6pm tonight for they are going to talk about our fundraiser and what all we have going on. Thank you once again to everyone that has helped plus the bloggers are having their monthly meeting tonight at the bowling center. Everyone bring your cameras to take pics so we can post them this weekend to share with others.

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