Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Graffiti ordinance coming to town

The infamous graffiti ordinance is going into effect soon.
Beginning next month, a new graffiti ordinance will take effect in Smyrna .

Anyone with graffiti on their property will have to clean it up or pay a fine.
A lot of laws are passed at all levels of government. No matter how much an issue is studied, a side effect of laws raises it's head pretty regularly. This is called the Law of unintended consequences. The government sees problem A and feel solution A will fix it. The problem is that solution A creates problem B and C.

A good example.
Michael Jenkins works in downtown Smyrna

“It hurts my paycheck at the end of the year ‘maam. I get a bonus at the end of the year. My bonus is strictly based on profits so that’s coming outta my profits,” Jenks told News 2.
This person will now take home less pay, but since the town looks prettier, then that just jim-dandy with some. This is an unintended consequence.

I like this line.
City leaders said they consider cleaning or covering graffiti just another part of property maintenance, just like mowing the lawn.
But if I don't do maintenance on my car, it will not fine me money, it simply breaks and loses value. You end up punishing yourself.

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