Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In the end we only get one

I was really excited with the idea of two movie theatres in Smyrna. The competition between them and the chance for a wide varieties of movies had me waiting with a certain level of excitement.

I wondered why neither seemed to have started construction. Now we know.
The two companies planning to open 14-screen movie theaters about a mile away from each other have decided to partner on one theater.

Eric Thornton, co-owner of the Roxy Theater in Dickson, said his company and Memphis-based Malco Theater will build on the 16 acres Roxy purchased behind the Starbucks on Industrial Boulevard off of Sam Ridley Boulevard.

"We decided it was in the city's best interest and our best interest if we were able to make that a destination area for families. We're able to put in several nice restaurants and have them close to the SuperTarget and all that that's going in over there," Thornton said, adding the structure's frame should be visible in 30 to 60 days.
While it probably is in their best interest, I really don't feel this is in the best interest of the city. With two competing against each other, they would have to go beyond the regular array of movies and garner our attention with movies normally played at the Belcourt theatre.

At least we will have one. Maybe enough requests for a wider selection, or maybe an independent film night would get some "fringe" movies in. Here is a fine example of what a theatre could do to draw in viewers.

I can at least hope. Anybody want to write a few letters with me to the Malco company requesting special film nights?

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