Thursday, September 27, 2007


11th district County Commissioner Mike Sparks has a website up called MidTnPolls. Where he wants to hear your view on subjects that directly effect you.

You may notice on the right a few changes. I have added a direct link graphic to his site.

Today there are two polls that may interest you.
Important LaVergne Issues
What is the most important issue facing the city of LaVergne?
Crime/Gang Activity
Lack of Leadership
Lake Forest Estates
School Overcrowding
All of the Above
and for Smyrna
Smyrna Town Council Decision
Do you agree with the Smyrna Town Council to recognize only the Smyrna High Football team TSSAA State Championship and not other past accomplishments, sports, or achievements?
No, other school sports, activities, and achievements should be recognized as well
I don't care
We don't need any sign
Drop by and let your views be known.

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