Sunday, September 30, 2007

Name this building.

A building that was very important to our town and it's future.

This seems to be the second church building, and not the first one. Note that this one is brick.
Key Dates in the Life of the
First Presbyterian Church of Smyrna

1810 Smyrna Church was established to serve a rural community, and a hand-hewn log building was constructed beside a small creek. (The site today is the area around the eighteenth green of the Smyrna Municipal golf course.)

1820 The Smyrna Presbyterian Church was recognized as a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church.

1850's A railroad was constructed through this area and the railroad company sold lots for a new town just one mile from the church. Silas Tucker, a member of the church and owner of the land where the station was built, suggested the church's name be used for the new town.

1863 The church building was burned by federal troops during the War Between the States.

1867 The church was rebuilt as a brick building.
I originally got this picture from a MTSU website that is a resource for local teachers. This image was on the history page with this line next to it.
1820 - Smyrna Presbyterian Church organized (town later named for Church)
I wonder if any images of the first church exist?

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