Saturday, September 29, 2007

The smiles I will always cherish!

Brandon and his new girlfriends " Titan Cheerleaders"

A hug to cherish with my best buddy!!

Well everyone, I am so tired and really glad that last night went well. I am so glad that we raised alittle money for Brandon Brewer. The smiles that were on this young man's face is PRICELESS! My heart goes out to all of my best friends, Kathy T., Yvonne Moon, Michelle M., Gunner, Senna Mosley, and my very best friend Brandon Brewer and family! I got to see Brandon get out of the donated limo and when he came up to me and said thank you with a big ole hug I of course got tears in my eyes. I have never in my 40 yrs , been touched by someone or something, to where I have put my heart into helping. I went over this afternoon and gave the family $873.00 worth of donated money plus we still have the ticket sales to get from the bowling alley plus all the silent auction items still have yet to be collected. We as a community have raised about $3500.00 for this young man. The amount isn't alot but hey this will help with some prescriptions for him. I am going to be planning a road block in the next coming months and then maybe a spring fling next April or May. If any bloggers have pictures please email them to me at for my mother took some pics but they are blurry. Thanks again Smyrna, La Vergne, Murfreesboro, and Nashville!! More to come later when I have more rest!

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