Sunday, December 2, 2007

Toot's has closed in Cookeville Tn.

I have just found out that Toot's has closed it's Cookeville Tn location because they have lost 20% of business due to the smokers not able to smoke in their restaurant. Now my question is this? Will they be closing other locations as well. Go and read more Toot's closing it's doors in Cookeville, Tn.

Maybe mismanagemnt could also be a factor in their closing down but I know from working in the bowling center here that the business on my shift has went from booming to nothing at all since folks can't come in bowl, drink a beer, and smoke. I ask this of you, Should the government control how small business is ran and what they should do in thier small business? I feel this is just hurting the small business man and his employees as well.

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