Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sad news

What was feared by many and assumed by some has turned out to be true. The remains found near the stones River National Battlefield memorial near the quaries on Old Nashville Highway have been confirmed to be the remains of Analyce Guerra.
Smyrna police confirmed that bones of a small child found in January in a quarry belong to Analyce Guerra.

The 2-year-old vanished in April 2006 from a Smyrna apartment. When her mother awoke at 4 a.m., the child was missing. The front door was also unlocked, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Web site. The child lived in the Meadow Wood Apartments on Nissan Boulevard.

Detectives confirmed that her bones were found in a quarry near the Stones River National Battlefield. Detectives suspected they could be Analyce's but DNA testing confirmed the bones belonged to the child.
I truly wished this was not true as many had a glimmer of hope that she would be returned, but it is not to be.

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