Thursday, August 2, 2012

Police press release

This is from the Smyrna Police Department.
At approximately 3:45 pm today, Smyrna Police responded to an ambulance assist at 9584 Old Nashville Highway in Smyrna, in reference to two small children who may have died after being left inside a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers discovered two children, ages 2 and 3, 1 male and 1 female, laying in the driveway beside a parked vehicle and the children were deceased. An investigation was initiated and ultimately, the children's mother, Samantha Harper, was arrested and charged with two counts of Especially Aggravated Child Abuse. Harper's photo is attached to this email and she is currently being held at the Rutherford County Detention Center. Other charges may be pending in the future. We are unable to release any more information regarding the case at this time.
I'm not going to put her picture here for several reasons, but the main one is compassion. Comments on Facebook on the pages of the news channels in Nashville have been good and bad, but some are bordering on evil. While the deaths are horrible, the whole story is not known and I'm not comfortable putting her face out for more hatred. I'm going to not follow this much more as after the first flurry of articles it becomes a game of rewording what has been said before over and over. Unless further press releases follow with new material, I'm calling an end for "This is Smyrna" and this horrible day.

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