Sunday, March 24, 2013

Announcement from the Smyrna Gov.

The town government and administrators are going to do their annual retreat to prepare the next years budget.
The Town Council of the Town of Smyrna will conduct a workshop retreat on April 15-17, 2013 for the purpose of discussing various matters relating to the Town of Smyrna (including, without limitation, budgeting and capital budgets). 
The workshop retreat will be held at the Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The workshop retreat will begin on Monday, April 15th and will conclude on April 17th.  Members of the media and the public are invited and encouraged to attend.
I have always wished they could do it closer, say in Nashville. I understand the need to get everyone together in a comfortable place to work out all of the details of the budget.

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Anonymous said...

Another case of government spending tax payer money to there own benefit. Couldn't they get just as much if not more accomplished by having it on Smyrna or even Murfreesboro. Especially after having asked for such a large property tax increase. Like most government officials they don't seem to budget like most families do because its not there money they are spending.