Thursday, April 4, 2013

Police & Fire Youth Academy

The Smyrna Police and Fire Department regularly put on citizen and youth academies to allow people to get to know their departments better. Right now the Smyrna Fire and Police departments are taking applications (pdf link) for the Youth Academy.

I went through 2007 Smyrna Citizens' Police Academy and it was a blast and great learning experience. I would highly recommend this similar program for the kids.
The Smyrna Fire and Police Departments are proud to announce a joint effort for the children of the Town of Smyrna. From June 10th-14th, a Youth Academy will be held at Smyrna Fire station #2 located on Fitzhugh Blvd. The sessions are from 9am - 3pm, Monday through Thursday and from 8am - Noon on Friday. Graduation will be at 11am on Friday. A fee of $30.00 is required, and the participants will be provided lunch Monday through Thursday. Checks can be made out to the Town Of Smyrna. The sessions will be in a summer camp-type agenda mixing outside and inside activities. The purpose of the academy is to interact with the children in a positive way and to demonstrate the activities that both departments use on a daily basis. The number one focus, however, is safety in the daily lives of these children in various situations involving both fire and police services. The academy will use the officers and division personnel to incorporate “hands on” of various skills that the participants will find both challenging and fun.

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