Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mobile Health Unit for May

The Mobile Health Unit Collaborative is a reflection of MTMC's Mission which calls us to "improve the health of individuals and communities" and to have "special attention to the poor and the vulnerable." This Collaborative effort helps achieve access to health care, helping overcome barriers and obstacles. MTMC, as a faith-based institution, is motivated by the principles of Human Dignity and the Common Good. These same principles are shared by our collaborative partners: The Guidance Center, Primary Care & Hope Clinic, Saint Thomas Corporate and Community Medicine, and Saint Thomas Emergency Services and Event Medicine. The Mobile Health Unit is in service four days per week. We are available to serve during these hours of operation, and we are happy to answer questions at any time.

Guidance Center:
Thursday, May 2nd:  Bradley, 8 - 12
Wednesday, May 8th:  Smyrna Middle, 8 - 12
Thursday, May 16th:  Bradley, 8 - 12
Thursday, May 23rd:  Wherry Housing, 8 - 12

Primary Care & Hope Clinic:

Friday, May 3rd:  Bradley, 8 - 12
Thursday, May 9th:  John Pittard, 8 - 11:30
Tuesday, May 14th:  Stewarts Creek Middle, 8 - 12
Friday, May 17th:  Bradley, 8 - 12
Tuesday, May 21st:  Siegel Middle, 8 - 12

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