Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little pissant

piss·ant also piss-ant  (psnt) Slang
1. One that is insignificant.
2. Obsolete An ant.
Not important; insignificant: "Some pissant Texas court wants to make [the company] pay . . . more than $10 billion in reparations" (New Republic).
That was the first words out of my mouth when I read the following about Tony Dover from another candidate for his position.
A Smyrna mayoral candidate says he's not surprised at the resignation of Tony Dover. Jeff Hollingshead says the former mayor's decision shows he wasn't committed for the long haul...
Now they did not have the infamous quotation marks around the phrase, but the idea was there. Instead of thanking him for his service to our town during some crappy economic years, he had to be slightly insulting. Instead of saying that he understood that his livelihood and family comes first, he took a potshot at him. The soundbite that is included in the article does not impress me very much at all.

Right now I am not impressed. In the next few days he has a chance to correct his manner of addressing this issue or he can stay the course and piss more people off. It's up to him. I think real quick a lot of people will judge Jeff Hollingshead's character and decide whom they will be voting for next year.


He has now commented to the DNJ
“It’s easy to lead when things are going good,” said Jeff Hollingshead, who is general manager for the family business. “It’s hard to lead when recessions come. I think you measure a leader by not what they do when everything is going good but how they act and respond when things are tough. In business, we just went through the worst recession we’ve ever been through. We came through it and thrived. As business owners, we don’t get to quit when things get tough. We don’t get to quit when we are at home every night wondering how we are going to make the next payroll. We have to get up every morning, put our work boots on and supply solutions to tough problems.”
The economy went to hell in 2007, and Tony Dover is only NOW realizing it is hard? Not impressed here. Not at all.


Anonymous said...

Well, the economy took a dump in '08. Smyrna bought their way out with savings until last year. Then had to raise taxes and lay off 30 people. So, it's actually just starting to get tough in Smyrna. Hopefully it's not too late.

Gunner said...

Yeah. They've put off the tax increase as long as they could. I worry that the period of inactivity on some of the larger projects will put us as a community way behind even when the economy turns around.

They laid off 30 people, but most do not know they allowed over 50 positions to stay empty when people left. The fire department was down 11 people at the last budget. The hiring freeze is little known.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Tony Dover and have no "inside" information, but I believe he's been out of work for several months and his home is up for sale. These are difficult times and it appears that he's doing what he needs to do for his family. Can't fault a man for that.

Anonymous said...

Gunner I always appeciate your unslanted view of municipal government. "Pissant" or not, name calling is beneath even you.
I know several people that were laid off by the Town. Smyrna has poor management and leadership. For example: a Public Works director should have a civil engineering degree. He does not, so what does the town do hire, a PARTTIME "engineer of record" to the tune of close to 170K a year. The PWD salary and the parttime EOR money is a pork. Hire the right people. Going to East Tennessee when you have a floundering Town Center. Put the money back here. Poor economy or not Mark O'Neal and the finance director are in way above their pay grades. I hope Tony lands on his feet. Its tough out there. If the council would debate the issues more just maybe more questions would surface. Always 7-0 is trouble. Keep them honest Gunner.

Gunner said...

I am sorry that the title bothered you, but it was my reaction to what I viewed as very cheap shots from a candidate. His tune has changed since then, but his words were very disappointing. I not falling back on the tired "I'm just saying it like it is" because I don't use that to justify my actions. I worded it, in my view, very carefully. I ended up very unimpressed.

As for your comments. I did not know about the engineering and public works director. That is interesting and I will look into it and see what i can find. If you have more details please drop me a line in private.

I've heard some rumbling about the management style for years. Even the council talked about the 'micromanaging' by some and how it could be problematic. I do wish that town employees, if there is such systemic issues, would speak to the media. Privacy can be offered and change could result.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your view on Jeff's statement. I just approach those type of comments and see them for what they are. He is a young and will eventually learn. The hard way. I chalk it up to that.
As for the problems with Smyrna. You have to ask yourself this: When the town laid off people, what changed? Nothing. So lets get the staff and keep the poor performing/qualified management. This town has some fine businesses, liquor stores, resaurants with liquor by the drink and a major auto manufacture doing well. It really makes you wonder what is going on. Then throw 46% at the taxpayers. Thats just poor leadership and management Gunner. The wrong people in the wrong positions. Most get fired for perfomance like that. Thats what happens in my business. Not raises. As for the grumblings. I've heard the same. As for the council if we wanted 7 and 0 we could just elect circus chimps and achieve the same results. The problems with Smyrna start at the top Gunner. Not at the staffing levels. THis much I know. They work for the public and they know it. I do not think the management feels this way behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

"Young and will eventually learn. The hard way" I'm not sure that the mayors position is the place to learn the hard way. Dumb, young mistakes can have far reaching and long lasting impacts.

Anonymous said...

The town has had 12 years of dumb and long lasting mistakes. The wrong people in the wrong positions. Golf and the Town Center keep getting funded year after year as they continue to hemorrage cash. Poor leadership and very poor management, pure and simple. They laided off a lot of personnel last year then came back to get 46%. That is insane. Those type of problems start at the top.

I'm pretty sure the "hard way" means, he probably won't be chosen one.

Auls Oglethorpe said...

I found Mr. Hollingshead's comments to be kind considering the circumstances. I've known Tony since the mid-nineties and always found him (Tony) to be a kind and considerate person. Tony is doing what is best for his family - and I commend his decision.

But facts are facts - our town government has been on the ropes for quite some time. The Council 'settled' on only a 19.7% tax increase last June - geez. 'Only'?

Tony is a good man, a good husband and a great father but, to borrow from the Owebama crowd, it's time for change in Smyrna.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Only 19.7%. What a joke!! Then to have H.G. Cole to say "they would be back next year to get 26% more."
It is past time to clean house from the town manager, finance director to all those responsible for the town's overall budget. Very poor management overall. It has gone on for way too long. This kind of failure to manage does not happen over night.