Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why I don't

Every once in a while I will see the listings on the DNJ for the Rutherford counties most wanted. I always ask myself if I should post them here on the blog and on the connected FaceBook pages for local residents to see, and possibly help the local police.

The issue for me is that while they might be 'wanted', that does not translate to guilty. They might go to court and be found not-guilty, and unless I follow each case, their image will stay on the blog for ages. I'm not comfortable putting a face and a claim online, even if the word "suspected of" is added to the crime listed.

This is one service that I think about every once in a while, but always decide not too do it for many reasons. If you feel you would like to know whom is the latest on the list, you can drop by the Daily News Journal website and look at their names, addresses and pictures. I myself, will decline to post them.

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