Saturday, September 28, 2013

The good it does

On September 9th I posted about a food drive for cloths that was being organized by the Smyrna Heart of Giving group. It is just one of many groups trying to make things easier for families in our town during these 'sucky' years. I thought this image might allow you to see some of what they are working to achieve.

Just thought I would share: this is just SOME of the food we collected for the food bank. My entire SUV was full- front seat, back seat, and the back cargo area. Thank you all for being so generous! — with Jennifer Underwood and Joanna Taraska-White.

This food is helping the people of Smyrna directly. There are no giant national organizations here, just the people of Smyrna trying to make it so the rest of Smyrna does not go without.

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