Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New business in town

I'm leery about posting new sales positions on the site where you have to have a party or something to sell items. I always get a painful peer pressure vibe from such gatherings. I do on the other hand enjoy the heck out of putting up information on new businesses and new professionals in town.

One such person is Callie Leasure. She recently graduated from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a certified personal trainer, and she is more proud to put herself on her brochure of what she can do, and would like to do for you.

That is a one year difference for her.

She said in an email to me that..
I am a certified personal trainer who has a passion for health, nutrition and fitness.  However, at one time I wasn’t always following a healthy lifestyle.  In the past year and a half I have lost 100 pounds and I still have a few more pounds to lose  I know firsthand what it is like to struggle with being overweight, eating right and exercising. 
I also know what a great sense of accomplishment you get when you reach goals you thought you would never be able to reach.  With my professional knowledge and personal experience, I can help you accomplish those goals of living a healthy lifestyle.  I am proof that it can be done!
She has a Facebook page for those that might want to drop by there.

Her husband is Steve and he runs the website Smyrna Weather, for those who want to know the numbers down to the second.

If you have a need, give her a call.

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