Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The beginning is over

The DNJ has spoken on the subject of the proposed new town manager. I am not sure what I can add to what they said that would not be biting.

The decision is over and I hope he can do the job good, but he will have to perform miracles to make a massive difference in a time of short funds, slow growth, and a town that views the Town leadership as suffering a bad case of cronyism.

I wish him the best in his position...he's got a lot on his plate.


Anonymous said...

True that Gunner. True that. More of the same, if not worse. It is going to be ugly.

I can only imagine what ten years of good ole boy cronyism will do to Smyrna.

Anonymous said...

After a 19.7% tax increase, a G'burg resort getaway and this cronyism chrade for hiring Gill. This council is no longer listening to the citizen's. I believe it is now time for a, sets of "fresh eyes" 2014 campaign to replace this town's current council. I am sure we will remember you all when we vote.

Anonymous said...

I need say this about the DNJ's coverage of this event. Gill recieved so much more press than the others almost to the point of endorsing Gill. While the profile of the other candidates were never sought out from Smyrna HR so that the public could be included and informed in this process. It was Gill this and Gill that by the DNJ. The takeaway for me here. Epic fail for fair coverage of ALL candidates DNJ. So much left on the table.