Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Road conditions

For those that wish to know the road conditions before you leave the house, the State of Tennessee has a resource for you that could save you valuable time and stress.

The TDOT Smartway road system has a very user friendly map that shows you many items and traffic congestion that is much more detailed than I thought possible.

Here is the Sam Ridley / I-24 Interchange. An area notorious for being a pain.

Here is the Lee Victory, Almaville road / I-24 interchange.

Already there are RED areas inside of Smyrna that you might want to skirt.

For those that travel into Nashville there is a very detailed map here.

You have many options including looking at all the traffic cameras, road conditions, road work, and incidents as they occur. Put these links into your Favorites folder and avoid the worst parts of driving to work.

Good luck and drive carefully.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Big question and answer

This weeks column for the Smyrna AM, check the end of your driveway, was about future projects. I asked for some reader feedback and I want to thank all of you that replied. I was able to use several comments from you. I also sent an email to the full council and the Mayor. The Mayor and one council member did reply.

I asked about projects, but I also asked the question that a lot of people likely have wondered about.

Where will the retreat be held?

Yes. That big question on the subject that earned the council so much bad PR last year.

Council member Marc Adkins is not sure where it will be, but it will not be in Gatlinberg.
All this being said from my personal perspective......our annual retreat will be coming up soon. I'm not sure yet of the venue where we will meet. (We won't be going to Gatlinburg :)  
A very wise choice. They need to earn some positive points from the voters.

Mayor Mary Esther Reed also replied on the subject.
We will be doing a retreat this year but it will be in town.  Mr. Gill will set the date and place for the retreat.  It will be open to the public as always. 
A good choice.

There are some good local venues in town. The Town Centre, and there is meeting spaces in some local hotels if they wish more of a relaxed conference atmosphere. There is also the Town Hall. While maybe not as relaxed and informal as the verbal back-and-forth that a budget meeting might need, it is the cheapest option in my view. We do need to understand that they can go so frugal that there is a loss in quality. 

I plan on finding out this coming week if anyone has pulled a petition to run for any town seats for this years elections. Like all years before I will extend an invitation for them to do an unedited guest column. I think the nature of an outreach to people that are trying to stay up on what is happening in our community is a positive that they should not miss.

The negative feelings from last year might turn into one of the largest turn overs on the council in my years of following it. It's going to adventurous this year.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hell has frozen over it seems

It's cold...dang cold...and that low life boss you have and the bills that come in the mail force you out on such a cruddy day. Most people drive to work, and getting stuck in this weather can kill. Because of that fact we at 'This is Smyrna' thought it might be good to remind you of a few items you might wish to put in your vehicle.
Winter brings about erratic weather patterns and chances are that we may be caught in them while we are driving. Having an emergency kit in our vehicles will help to ensure our basic needs are met. 
Some of these supplies may save your life.
A shovel
Windshield scraper and small broom

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can I cuddle with you?

Well if not me at least look at one of these lovely pets to cuddle with. Like me they are furry and they could use a good home.