Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Road conditions

For those that wish to know the road conditions before you leave the house, the State of Tennessee has a resource for you that could save you valuable time and stress.

The TDOT Smartway road system has a very user friendly map that shows you many items and traffic congestion that is much more detailed than I thought possible.

Here is the Sam Ridley / I-24 Interchange. An area notorious for being a pain.

Here is the Lee Victory, Almaville road / I-24 interchange.

Already there are RED areas inside of Smyrna that you might want to skirt.

For those that travel into Nashville there is a very detailed map here.

You have many options including looking at all the traffic cameras, road conditions, road work, and incidents as they occur. Put these links into your Favorites folder and avoid the worst parts of driving to work.

Good luck and drive carefully.

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