Friday, March 7, 2014

Other departments

My last post on the issue of the golf course went over like a lead balloon. People commenting on the blog site itself were very vocal, and long winded on their individual views on the subject (take some time and read the comments...they're real good). I had hoped that my column for the week in the Smyrna AM, and its sister column on the ‘This is Smyrna’ pages would give people a different view and some material to think about.

I hope that idea was not a mistake.

The economy sucks. The numbers nation-wide do not look good, and people are sensitive to who (whom?) is taking their money and for what reason. I can understand that. On the issue of the golf course I have heard some rather extreme views about why it is bad, and some reasons why it is good for the community…but mostly bad. I thought, and still do, that the golf course is a minor issue and there might be other issues that need addressing.

In that line of thought I will be doing some irregular posts on different departments of the town of Smyrna. I will compare what was spent several years ago, and what is being spent now. I might even try to compare them to Murfreesboro to give you an idea what a town of 110,000 spends when compared to our town of 40,000 plus. Maybe a more detailed picture is needed for all, and I do include myself here.

I’m not sure what department I will start with, but bear with me people. I hope to learn some stuff in the next few weeks. Maybe the future is not as bleak as it seems.

I might even email some council members to drop by and comment. Our council has not achieved the online presence that the individuals in the LaVergne government has attained. Yes they have FB pages, but engaging on forums is not their strong suit.

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